Based on traditional Pilates infused with a contemporary approach and East and West Coast influences, this 55 min. class utilizes the most essential Piece of Pilates apparatus, the Reformer, giving  you a whole body workout, increased core strength and improved flexibility to create the perfect Pilates Body.



A fast, dynamic, fun, heart-healthy circuit class focusing on fat-burning, cardio strengthening and creating long, lean muscle tone. Set to music this class will get your heart beating faster when executing a wide range of exercises on multiple pieces of equipment such as the Reformer, Wunda chair and Pilates Springboard.


Mat II AtkinsMAT- The Mat is the Method

Based on Joseph Pilates’ traditional exercise sequence, this 55 min. class leads you through a series of flow exercises executed on a mat, offering the perfect balance of flexion, extension, rotation, lateral side-bending, front support and strength moves to create a strong powerhouse, long lean muscle tone and increased flexibility and strength.


Created by former dancer Juliu Horvath, the Gyrotonic Expansion System gently works the joints and muscles of the body through rhythmic, spiraling and undulating motions that embrace key principles also found in dance, yoga and tai- chi. Designed to take the body “beyond its current limitations”,  this class is perfect for anyone, from Athlete to Z…